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For government entities and the construction companies that do business with them, the question often comes up, “What are the prime responsibilities of a recipient of Federal funding (Recipient), in monitoring the performance of General Contractors with respect to Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) participation and goals?

Design Build Procurements Pursuant to Mass. Gen. Laws c. 149A
In a Design Build contracting situation, a Recipient of Federal funds enters into a master contract with a general contractor (GC), who in turn enters into subsequent subcontracts for the work of the project. It is up to the Recipient to monitor the GC and its subcontracts to ensure that established DBE goals are met or, if they are not, determine whether the GC has exercised good faith efforts to attain those goals. The project’s GC establishes contract goals, as appropriate, for the subcontracts it enters into. Recipients must maintain oversight of the master contractor’s activities to ensure that they are conducted consistent with Federal regulations (and state regulations, if applicable) with respect to DBEs:
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